College of Marin is involved in a variety of initiatives intended to advance and strengthen efforts related to our mission to provide equitable opportunities and foster success for all members of our diverse community. Community colleges serve the largest proportion of educationally disadvantaged students in higher education. Providing access and increasing college success requires strong partnerships among K-12 schools, community organizations, and businesses.

Racial Equity Statement

Racial equity for students in Marin will be achieved when race and ethnicity no longer predict the outcome of a child’s educational future. As a Marin Promise Partner, College of Marin commits to identify and dismantle racial inequities, and to provide equity-based supports, so that our most vulnerable young people can achieve their full potential.

Marin Promise Partners have agreed to hold each other accountable to measurable collective impact goals at each of the six milestones described below. Since race is a leading predictor of educational outcomes, the Educational Progress Reports include public data for all students but also highlights racial and income disparity gaps.

Marin Promise Partnership logo

Cradle to Career – Educational Progress Report, Marin County