2019 Student Equity Plan, Goals, Activities, and Resources



Using data provided by the Chancellor’s Office, the GRIT (Guidance, Resources, Integration, Transformation) Committee with representatives from departments and programs across the campus developed the 2019 Student Equity Plan. The data from the Chancellor’s Office highlighted those groups that are succeeding at lower rates for each of the five metrics or the Disproportionate Impact (DI) groups. The five metrics are as follows:

  1. Enrolled in the Same Community College
  2. Retained from Fall to Spring at the Same College
  3. Transfer to a four-year institution
  4. Completed Both Transfer-Level Math and English Within the District in the First Year
  5. Attained the Vision Goal Completion Definition.

Due to the narrow and specific parameters that the Chancellor’s Office used to calculate for success and disproportionate impact, the GRIT Committee is concerned that the data does not fully represent all the DI groups at COM. Thus, activities within the 2019 Student Equity Plan are designed to support not only the DI groups identified by the Chancellor’s Office, but also those students from historically underrepresented groups who succeed at lower rates as shown from our internal data. Lastly, the Student Equity allocation is only one part of the funds COM will receive with regard to the Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) funds. Thus, the listed budget amounts for programs and activities only reflect the contribution from the Student Equity allocation and do not necessarily reflect the full cost or funds allocated for those programs or activities.